Peer Educators Needed

  Do you want to be a PEAS?


Peer Educators
Peer Educators and Support (PEAS) are a group of trained students committed to promoting awareness and advocating health and wellness related issues to the Cal State San Marcos community.

What PEAS Do:
 PEAS provide up-to-date information about health related issues through various programs, workshops, events and presentations, and refer students to appropriate offices and resources on campus as needed.

 PEAS organize campus health awareness weeks & outreach:
World AIDS Day
Safer Spring Break
Sexual Responsibility Week
Great American Smoke-Out and more…

 PEAS serve as student health resource. They act as mentors, leaders, helpers and educators on campus.

 PEAS network with other student organizations/clubs, with other peers, and other peer educators nationally and locally. PEAS have lots of FUN!

 PEAS can attend a certified training program for a semester along with bi-weekly meetings.

For More information email us: or contact Cathy Nguyen, Health Educator & Advisor for the Certified Training component at 750-4917


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