“You need to go to the Emergency Department because we think you have appendicitis.”

“Your PAP results were abnormal, and you will need to see a Gynecologist for a colposcopy.”

“You fractured your ankle skate-boarding, and you’ll need to see an Orthopedic surgeon.”

    These are the types of scenarios that we often see in our student health clinic and need to refer out for management by a medical specialist. Your basic student fees typically do not cover such conditions. Without health insurance, whether you have your own policy or are covered under your parent’s policy, you may face high out-of-pocket expenses for these services.

    Many of our students expect to get 100% of their health care needs met by our college health center and are surprised to discover this is not true. If you are a student at CSUSM, $65.00 of your fees automatically goes to the student health center every semester. This entitles you to see medical providers, counselors and a health educator for no additional fees although some lab services, medications and medical devices are provided at low cost to our students. We do NOT accept private insurance.

    Your health fee does cover care of minor illnesses and health problems such as upper respiratory infections, bronchitis and asthma, headaches, urinary tract infections, rashes and minor sprains. In addition, you can receive your routine PAP exams and STD checks, contraceptive counseling and immunizations. You may consult with our Health Educator to discuss weight concerns, family planning and nutrition counseling. 

    We share your concern about the costs of medical care and medications, and we try to help our students get the best care at the best price. This year we brought the Family PACT (Family Planning, Access, Care, Treatment) program into our health clinic to provide no-cost family planning services to qualifying low-income students, both men and women. Some of these no-cost services include STD screening, PAP exams, contraceptive counseling and contraceptives.  

   We strongly encourage our students to have health insurance. CSUSM offers a Domestic and International Student Health Insurance program at reasonable rates. Remember, the best time to get health insurance is before you need it! Nobody plans to get in a car accident or fracture their leg, but if this happens to you, you will have health insurance if you need it. Remember to always carry your insurance card in your wallet.

   If you’d like to learn more about our basic student health services, visit our website: To see if you qualify for the Family PACT program, call the Student Health and Counseling Service to schedule an appointment with our Family PACT coordinator. To learn more about our supplemental Domestic and International Student Health Insurance option or to enroll on-line, please go to:


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