Travel Alert

Be aware of the risks of traveling to Mexico.

While many Americans safely travel to Mexico each year, violence in the country has increased recently. The greatest increase in violence has occured near the U.S. border. Mexican and foreign bystanders have been injured or killed in violent attacks in cities across the country. Dozens of U.S. citizens have also been kidnapped across Mexico. Robberies, homicides, petty thefts, and carjackings are also on the rise.

Visitors are encouraged to take the following precautions:

  • Attempt to travel on main roads during daylight hours, particularly the toll roads.
  • Stay in the well-known tourist areas of the cities.
  • Leave their itinerary with a friend or family member not traveling with them.
  • Avoid traveling alone.
  • Check with cellular provider prior to departure to confirm that cell phone is capable of roaming on GSM or 3G international networks.
  • Do not display expensive-looking jewelry, large amounts of money, or other valuable items.
  • Cooperate fully with official checkpoints when traveling on Mexican highways.
  • Avoid isolated locations during late night and early morning hours.
  • Remain alert to news reports.
  • Be alert to safety and security concerns when visiting the border region.
  • Advised to avoid participating in demonstrations or other activities that might be deemed political by Mexican authorities as the Mexican Constitution prohibits political activities by foreigners.

U.S. citizen victims of crime in Mexico are urged to contact the consular section of the nearest U.S. consulate or Embassy for advice and assistance. The Embassy’s internet address is More information about staying safe in Mexico can be found at: http:/


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