Many of our students travel abroad in association with school-related studies and projects as well as for business or recreation. We are frequently asked about recommended travel immunizations.

Our policy at CSUSM Student Health and Counseling Services is to refer students to one of the local Travel Clinics where they can obtain not only specific CDC-recommended immunizations and/or disease prevention medication, but they can also obtain an individualized assessment of their own health risks as well as suggestions for a healthy travel experience abroad.

If you are involved in a Study Abroad program in association with CSUSM, a good place to start this process is by obtaining a course information sheet on travel itinerary and immunization recommendations from your instructor.

What does a Travel Clinic consultation typically include?

1. A questionnaire specifying travel itinerary and duration of visit;
2. Individualized health history including chronic diseases, medications, allergies as well as current immunization status;
3. CDC recommendations for country-specific immunizations;
4. Updates on new and emerging diseases;
5. Information and counseling about principles of healthy international travel including personal protective measures;
6. Answers to your travel-related questions and resource information about travel insurance, contingency planning for unexpected illnesses such as travelers’ diarrhea, motion and altitude sickness prevention, insomnia, traveling with disabilities and other travel concerns;
7. Immunization and vaccination administration.

When Should I Make an Appointment with the Travel Clinic?

The sooner the better!

The purpose of immunizations is to stimulate your body’s own immunity, and this process often requires a few weeks to establish optimum protection. If you need many immunizations, it may be desirable to get required immunizations in 2 or more visits, to reduce immunization side-effects. Although it may be best to obtain your immunizations several months before departure, you will still benefit from immunizations given closer to your departure date. If you are under the care of a Physician, Nurse Practitioner, Psychologist or Psychiatrist for management of a medical or psychiatric illness, or if you are receiving contraceptives or other medications, you may want to make an appointment with your Provider to discuss your travel plans as well as to discuss options for obtaining a prescription for a larger quantity of medication to last your visit abroad.

What Websites Could I Access to Inform Myself of Travel Information?

3. CDC Health Information and International Travel Book, also referred to as “The Yellow Book”.

Please call SHCS for resource information regarding low-cost Travel Clinics in your area or to schedule an appointment with your medical provider to discuss and plan for your health and medication needs abroad. We will be happy to help you.


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