SHCS Does Not Have H1N1 Vaccine Yet

As you may have heard, San Diego county has begun receiving H1N1 vaccines. The initial doses have been in very limited supplies, with the majority of it going to local hospitals. Some has also gone to community clinics. Given that there has been a small amount received compared to what has been ordered for the county, the distribution of the vaccine is by established priority groups.

At this time, Student Health and Counseling Services has not received the vaccine that was ordered, and we are told that it may be a few more weeks before we receive the vaccine. Once we receive the vaccine, we will make announcements regarding where and when the vaccine will be distributed. It is quite possible, that the early shipments may be much smaller than the original order; if so, we will follow the CDC and San Diego County Health Department’s guidelines regarding vaccine priority distribution.

We have been assured that we should eventually receive all the doses we ordered. The list county clinics that have receive vaccines can be found at Do know that the clinics have received limited supplies, and may be out of vaccine.

If you are in one of the high risk groups and you choose to go to one of these locations, please call first to confirm that they have vaccine and to know what priorities they are using for distribution on that day. If you have access to a medical provider outside the campus, please check with them to see if he or she has vaccine available.

In the interim, please continue to be diligent regarding hand-washing, cough etiquette, and STAY HOME if you are ill with influenza like symptoms. More details regarding symptoms and home care can be found on the clinic’s website: .


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