2011 San Diego County Fair Recap

Once a year the San Diego County Fair comes to town. Nice weather, fun games, crazy gadgets, and of course the off the wall food concoctions. New to the fair this year was the deep fried fool-aid. The Chicken Charlie stand is known for having everything deep fried! From deep fried avocados, deep fried frog legs, and also entering the fair this year is deep fried Girl Scout cookies.

As a fan of the fair and knowing a lot of the members of our community enjoy going to the fair, I went to get reviews for all these crazy food creations. Here’s a list of the top ten favorites of the 2011 fair voted my locals and tourists:

href=”https://csusmhealth.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/0761.jpg”> “Surprisingly, it was my favorite thing I tried this year. It was really really really good!” Brittany (36) San Diego

2. Pink’s Hollywood Hot Dogs- Martha Stewart- usually topped with sour cream, sauerkraut, bacon, relish, onions, and tomatoes.
-Pink’s has tried for years to make it to the fair and this year the consumers welcomed them with open arms.

3. Australian Potatoes great for sharing.

4. Turkey Leg – Seen everywhere throughout the fair.

5. Deep fried Girl Scout Cookies -Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie covered in a sweet batter than deep fried.

6. Cream Puff- Light and air treat but packed with flavor

7. Dixie Mini Donuts

‘’Probably the only bargain at the fair. ‘’- Christy (24) from Escondido.

8. Funnel Cake

“Traditional fair food. You have to get one every time to come to the fair.” Rob (35) from Texas

9. Blooming Onion
“The best blooming onion ever!”- Sandra (33) Chula Vista

10. Mexican Funnel Cake

Voted best fried food at the fair by the Food Network.

As you’re reading this you may be asking why a health and wellness center is concerning themselves with deep-fried treats. Well, we wanted to address that even though those foods is what the fair is known for there are better alternatives available to fulfill your fair cravings. You can find frozen chocolate covered bananas, shave ice, and this new hidden gem the Albertson’s Rejuvenation Station. It is a stand that contains yogurt parfaits, fresh fruit, Naked juices, and protein bars, refreshing addition to the fair.

Keep an eye out for this station next year. Be safe with friends and family at the fair and make some positive memories.


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