RADD Designated Driver Program

RADD is the entertainment industry’s voice for road safety. The goal of RADD is to reduce deaths and injuries across all age groups by increasing road safety awareness and promoting sober driving.

Amongst college- aged young adults, alcohol related crashes are the leading cause of death and continues to increase. The RADD organization have been successful in leading alcohol awareness and prevention programs. RADD offers a reward program where DD’s that accompany a group of three or more at one of the local bars or restaurants, they have the opportunity to receive free non-alcoholic beverages, discounts on appetizers, and possibly even free admission into clubs. Check out the local restaurants and bars that participate through College is RADD or CSUSM RADD.

All you need to do is obtain a RADD DD card that states how you pledge to be a DD and show the establishment that honors  the program and they will help you out. It’s really simple. You’re being responsible and you’re being appreciated!

The RADD chapter at CSUSM is vastly growing and would love your participation. If you’d like to become apart of our team, contact the campus health educator, Cathy Nguyen, at (760) 750-4917.


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