10 Tips for Looking Sexy and Healthy all Year!

It’s that time of season again…yes summer is here! Many of us are trying to eat healthy, exercise and most importantly feel good about ourselves so we can hit the beach or the pool. Here are some tips to help you looking good and feeling great about yourself all year long!

1.    Avoid common pitfalls

– Do not cut out an entire food group because it is impractical and unhealthy. Moderation is key.
– Do not be discouraged when you give in to temptation. When you make the mistake of overindulging yourself, start again and go back to your healthy regime.

2.    Try to eliminate emotional eating
-When you are feeling down and out, turn to a friend instead of the fridge.-If you tend to eat after a long day, try to relax with a nice cup of tea.
-Tea has many benefits for a healthier lifestyle. Surprisingly, a black tea called pu-erh tea has been tested on animals, and is shown to have less weight gain and reduced LDL cholesterol.
-According to a recent study, drinking about three cups of tea reduces the risk of heart attack

3.    “Mindful” Eating
-Avoid eating while you are driving, watching TV, or reading. You lose track of your portion sizes and tend to eat more than you wanted.
-Stop eating before you are full. It takes twenty minutes for your brain to know when you have had enough. So chew slowly.

4.    Fill up with fruits, veggies, and fiber
-High fiber foods are filling and take longer to digest (You will feel fuller longer)
-Some foods include: apples, plums, leafy salads, brown rice, bran muffins, etc.
-Try filling your plate with half of vegetables and fruits, instead of carbs. Follow the new my plate method for healthy eating.

5.    Involve the color, blue, into your life
-It is said that the color blue can be used as an appetite suppressant. So, use blue plates, wear something blue, and use blue tablecloths to decrease those appetite cravings.
-In one research study, participants had to go eat and spend time in a blue room, red room, and an orange room. The results showed that 33% less food was eaten in the blue room than in the red and orange room.
-Putting blue dye in food? A lot of blue food items never made it to the grocery store because of how unappealing it looks. So, if you think a certain food would want to make you eat more, try putting a few drops of edible blue dye on it and see if that will reduce your appetite.

6.    Eat smaller meals a day. Do not skip breakfast
– Breakfast is your most important meal of the day to kickstart your metabolism.
-You are less likely to be obese and diabetic if you maintain your blood sugar level by eating smaller meals throughout the day.
-Your last meal should be three hours before bedtime.

7.    Eat 90% of your meals at home
–   Most fast foods and restuarants have high caloric meals, sometimes more than what your caloric intake needs are in just one meal!
– By eating at home most of the time, it will save you monies and calories.

8.    Sniff a banana, an apple, or peppermint when hungry
– Feeling hungry? Doing the above helps tricks the mind into thinking that you’re actually eating it and you may feel full.

9.    Brush your teeth after each meal
-The minty freshness cues your brain that mealtime is over. Who wants to eat again after brushing their teeth?

10.    Do 45 minutes of exercise instead of 30 minutes
– Exercising for 30 minutes maintains your weight while 45 minutes removes
excess weight and fat.


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