4th of July Tips for a Safe and Fun Holiday!

Happy 4th of July everyone! Be sure to have a safe and happy holiday with these tips:

1.    Be sun-smart! http://blogs.democratandchronicle.com/moms/files/2012/06/292x232_LB_A_Sunscreen_Love_Affair_06_07.jpg
•    Make sure to slather on that sunscreen to avoid getting sunburned. Use at least 30 SPF  with   UVA/UVB protection and remember to reapply.
•    Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV rays
•    Wear a cute hat that would shade your face, neck, and ears

2.    Be cautious when using fireworks
•    First of all, always make sure that igniting fireworks is legal in your area
•    Do not place any of your body parts on top of a firework device when lighting up the fuse
•    Only light one firework at a time and back up right away
•    Do not throw fireworks at another person
•    Make sure to keep the hose or a bucket of water nearby just in case a fire happens
•    Once the fireworks are done burning, put out the spent device with a lot of water before throwing them away

3.    “I’m on a boathttp://www.spurgeonworld.com/willsblog/archives/I%27m%20on%20boat.jpg!”
•   Wear a life jacket that is US Coast Guard approved: (Type I. II. III. V)
•    When operating a boat, do not drink. You save yourself from accidents, BUI charges, boat driving privileges, and jail time
•    When using any kind of paddle, make sure to know your limits from this website: http://www.americancanoe.org/?page=Top_10

4.    Going swimming?
•    Please be courteous to others and not swim when you are sick. Germs can easily spread in the pool.
•    Do not swallow pool water or pee in the pool
•    Make sure that your beach is clean and monitored. Beach water can carry a lot of bacteria, so watch out for trash or oil slicks. If you suspect a beach is unsanitary, contact your local environmental health officials.

5.    Be smart when barbecuing food
•    Try not to cross-contaminate raw meat and poultry. This can happen when they leak through their packaging, so put them in separate plastic bags.
•    Keep the meat and poultry refrigerated until you are ready to use them.
•    To reduce grill time, you can always precook the meats in the oven or microwave.  Remember to put them on the preheated grill right after.
•    Thoroughly cook the food to destroy bacteria. Use a food thermometer to know when they have reached a safe internal temperature. Here is a website for different types of internal temperature: http://www.foodsafety.gov/keep/charts/mintemp.html
•    When serving food, do not use utensils or platters that have handled the raw food to avoid contamination.


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