Feeling Stressed?

Already stressed? It is just the beginning of the semester and some of us might be feeling overwhelmed and stressed while others could still be in vacation mode—you should really wake up now!

ImageIt is normal to be stressed for those of you who are feeling the increasing demands of school, work, and/ or family responsibilities. According to the Mayo Clinic, when our brains perceive a threat our bodies go into a “flight-or-fight” response and as busy students, our bodies tend stay in this alert stressed out mode. Over time, high levels of stress are not healthy and can lead to serious health problems (2013). To prevent serious problems it is important to keep stress levels at a minimum and here I have provided a few tips that I think as students will help us all stay on top of all of our responsibilities and be less stressed.

First, grab a planner. Every week write in important events, due dates and daily assignments that must be completed. Have a lot of reading to do? Space it out! (if this works for you). Make daily reading goals. Readings can be done in the course of a couple of days instead of cramming hours to finish a long chapter.

Next, organize, organize, organize! Use a binder to keep all schoolwork in one place, a folder for work, or file folders for bills. Plan ahead, every night think about what you will need the next day and get it all ready. Why not make a lunch too, save some money!

Pack a lot snacks if you do not have everything for a meal.  It is also important to take breaks, have your ME time. Go outside and take a short walk, go to the park and lay down under a tree for a little bit. Have a gym membership? Go workout! There are free fitness classes you can check out at the Clarke through the campus recreation. Here is a list of classes: http://www.csusm.edu/rec/documents/S13brochurefinalsmall.pdf
You pay for it anyways! My favorite: Yoga and Zumba. Move a little, it’s healthy! And lastly, don’t forget to breathe!

Still feeling overwhelmed? You can talk to a counselor at SHCS for free. Call 760-750-4915 to make an appointment at the health center. Or visit them online for all the services that are available for students. http://www.csusm.edu/shcs

–Mireya Banuelos (Peer Educator)


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