Have You Seen the Signs?

Eating disorders are not limited to anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. Others include binge eating disorder (binge without purging), purging disorder (purge without bingeing), avoidant food intake disorder (restricting food), and orthorexia nervosa (obsession with healthy eating). While disordered eating does not fully meet the criterion of an eating disorder, it does embellish many of the same unhealthy patterns and approaches to food. Some common behaviors include:

Feeling bothered or nervous over minor changes in weight


Daily or compulsive weight monitoring


Exorbitant food consumption with a lack of hunger


Restricting entire food group (i.e protein or carbohydrates) due to fear of weight gain


Changes in diet due to altered mood


Perpetual thoughts of food and planning meals


Abstaining from opportunities to eat with friends or family


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