Classy Cougars Party Safely

Hello Cal State San Marcos Cougars. Spring Break is a great time to take a break from the books and have some fun. Whether it is a wild trip to Cabo San Lucas or going back home to spend time with the family, I have a great spring break tip sheet to take into consideration.


Going on a road trip?

  • What to Bring: Valid Driver’s License, Proof of Insurance, Snacks, and Beverages
  • Take turns behind the wheel: Have a rotating driver who is able to ensure that whoever is behind the wheel is well rested. Note, the music will change because the driver gets to be DJ, unless appointed to the shotgun passenger.
  • Role of the shotgun rider: To be the wing(wo)man to the driver and help with any navigation decisions.
  • Take a Map: I know we are in a generation where our smart phones can solve all of our greatest problems in life, but if our service lets us down, then we have the “old school” way of finding our destination.
  • Piece of Advise: Always lock your vehicle. Never leave valuables in plain sight, lock them in the trunk.

Staying at a Hotel?

  • If possible, avoid 1st floor rooms because they are more susceptible to a window break in.
  • Refrain from yelling out your hotel number in the lobby or in public areas.
  • Check the locking mechanisms on the doors and windows.
  • Double check that the door is closed tightly when entering and leaving the room.
  • Lock all valuables in the safe

What Goes into Being a Classy Cougar?

  • Do yourself a favor and party responsibly.
  • Know your limits
  • New federal BAC level is .07, no longer .08.
  • Ensure that you have a DD(M) “Dedicated Decision Maker” before going out. This person makes all decisions for the group and is the sober (non drinking) driver for the outing.
  • Refrain from drinking out of open pitchers, jugs, or containers, most of you refer to this as “Jungle Juice.”
  • Do NOT leave your drink unoccupied. Take it with you to the restroom or wherever you may go because Spring Breakers are a susceptible target to DATE RAPE perpetrators.
  • Have a filling meal before and during the consumption of alcohol.
  • Avoid Binge Drinking (The Consequences are not worth it)
  • Be a great friend and do not let your friends drink irresponsibly because not only is it dangerous for them, it will also bring an end to your outing as well.
  • Signs of over consumption are: extreme wooziness, confusion, difficulty standing, or slurred speech, get to a safe place immediately and if the symptoms are severe, go to a hospital.

The Wrap:

I myself will be going out and having a good time during Spring Break, but when I do, I will make sure I am partying safely. Know your limits, be a good wing(wo)man for your friends and travel safely and responsibly. Not having a designated driver is not an excuse for driving under the influence. We have Lyft, Über, RADD, and Taxi services that available to your convenience. The best spring break stories are those where everyone had a great time and nobody got hurt. As CSUSM Cougars we are proud that we party safely. Make good choices and have a great Spring Break 2015.

For more tips on how to party safely you can also visit:

Landon Sherwood
Peer Educator


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