Men’s Health: Why is it Such a Secret?

What does the word health mean to you? To many it means being healthy sexually, emotionally, physically etc., but to some that word has no affect to them. As college students, many individuals go through many troubling issues and they are being challenged to remove themselves from their own comfort zone.

Many students have to work two jobs while taking on a full load of classes. Some students are dealing with relationship problems and social problems. All these issues can lead to health problems and it’s important to understand what your body is going through and how to get help when it is needed.


We all know men do not like to talk about their own issues to others. That’s a generalized statement, but it may be true. Many do not like to show their weaknesses or they try to prove that they can do whatever they want without having to get help. According to an article published by Mary Brophy Marcus, only a whopping 7% of men talk about their health issues with others (CBS 2016). That can become a problem, especially for those that attend college and deal with many health issues that arise.

Why do men not talk about their health issues as much as women do? Why is this a problem? Men are taught to act tough at such a young age, to be brave, to not have emotions because it would consider them to be less manly or “feminine.” It may be a problem because if one does not share or act fast on any health issue, it could become worse or it could be too late.  

Here are some more shocking news about men’s health:

  • 22% do not talk about private matters with anybody
  • Men prefer to talk about current events, sports and their own job
  • 36% of stories shared are about breaking a bone from a sport
  • 40% of men do not get annual check-ups neither know when to get checked for prostate cancer

These figures are shocking. How can we better men’s health and be able to allow individuals to be more informed and aware of their health? Society can start teaching young kids to be more open about their health and be able to visit doctors when they have concerns. Breaking down barriers will be beneficial for men in the future to take care of their own health.

As a college student, we should be taking care of our own health regardless if our four years are the most stressful moments in our life. Remember, that if there is any concern about your health and are afraid to talk about it, make a difference and talk to your doctor or visit the Student Health and Counseling Center! You can call to make an appointment at SHCS 760-750-4915 or visit their website for more information about the services they provide:

Come out to our tabling to learn more about Men’s Health on November 8th.


Written by Peer Educator: Cristian Mcgough


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