Women’s Fitness: A mini guide for CSUSM women to stay fit!

Today is National Women’s Health & Fitness Day. As CSUSM students, we are all familiar with the amount of stair climbing it takes to get from point A to point B. Those stairs seem never-ending with a heavy backpack filled with textbooks, binders, and even laptop at times! Let’s not dread those stairs, but instead see it as a chance to be active and be reminded to be motivated to overcome any obstacle that comes in our path. fitness

Have an hour break or falling asleep while studying in the library? Try packing a workout outfit and some tennis shoes and showing those stairs who’s the boss! The stairs will get that heart pumping, sweat dripping, and blood flowing. The blood flow can help wake you up during that afternoon crash and keep your mind fresh for all the information you will be learning during class.

You might be asking, “well, what are some fun stair work outs I can do?” There are actually a ton of work outs you can do with stairs. Here are some videos I found that looked like you would enjoy:

Still trying to find that motivation to get out there? Get a classmate or a friend to do the stairs with you! Having a scheduled time to do a work out with someone else will force to you stay committed and it can make it more fun! Try alternating or “shadowing.” Shadowing is when you let someone lead the work out and you do exactly what he or she do behind them, as if you’re their shadow!

Remember to be careful with the workouts on the stairs. If you don’t feel comfortable, you can always keep your hand on the rail so it’s easier to balance. You can also try these movements on the flat ground before doing them on the stairs.

Hope you see you all on those stairs working out! Remember to check out the tables for Women’s Health & Fitness Day at Forum Plaza from 10 am -11 am today to get more information on how you can stay fit and healthy.

Written by Peer Educator: Christina Tran



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