Gobble Up Gratitude

gratitude_keep_calmTypically, November kicks off the season of many thanks and celebrations. However, this year we want to shake things up a bit. Rather than just a season, we want to make gratitude a daily lifestyle habit.

Why should a college student make gratitude part of their busy daily routine? By celebrating what we already have we increase our happiness, health, and ability to cope with life’s challenges, all of which increase our academic abilities. Here are several other ways gratitude benefits you:

Emotional-More Positive Feelings, More Relaxed, More Resilient, Happier Memories, Less Envious

Social-Healthier personal relationships, deeper relationships, more friendships, kinder, more social

Career-Better engagement, improved networking, goal achievement, improved decision making, increased productivity

Personality-Less Self-Centered, Less Materialistic, More Optimistic, More spiritual, Increased Self-Esteem

Health-Less Sick, Improved Sleep, Longevity, Increased Energy, More Exercise

All those benefits make it clear that gratitude is a skill that can enhance your college success!

To kick off our commitment to make gratitude part of our daily routine, join CSUSM HOPE and Wellness Center for two wonderful events!

Art for your Heart: Gratitude Stones and Mason Jars
Thursday, November 17
3 pm – 5 pm
HOPE & Wellness Center

AMP Up Gratitude for College Success!
Tuesday, November 22
USU Arcade

And for those who are ready to gobble up the benefits of practicing gratitude now, we created a daily gratitude challenge for the month of November. Spend some time journaling, doodling, or meditating on the prompt of the day. Click on the link for the gratitude challenge: gratitude_challenge.

Written by: Charity Marino (CSUSM Alumni 2014) Graduate Student Intern


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