National Eating Disorders Week @ CSUSM

In United States, 20 million women and 10 million suffer from a clinically significant eating disorder at some time in their life, including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder (

At least 30 million people of all ages and genders suffer from an eating disorder in the U.S (

The media depicts images that our society should abide by. We mostly see images that show women and men should have these perfect bodies that would be admired by anyone. Losing weight is what comes to mind when you want to have that perfect body to be admired, loved, and happy.

If you have an eating disorder or know someone who does, you are not alone. Knowing that others have experienced eating disorders, hopefully allows you to believe there is hope and will encourage your willingness to get help. Every 62 minutes at least one person dies as a direct result from an eating disorder (

Not everyone recognizes they have an eating disorder. People can suffer from a variety of eating disorders. Some may not be as severe as others, but no matter what type of mental disorder you may suffer from, there is HELP all around us. Getting the help you need takes strength. COURAGE and STRENGTH are found within each of us. Close the door to one chapter and open the door to another.

Think you or someone you know is struggling with an eating disorder?

Your next step is to reach out and get help from CSUSM Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS). Please contact our office for more information and make an appointment with a counselor at 760-750-4915, or email

To learn more about Eating Disorders – join us at various interactive workshops and events as part of National Eating Disorders Week on February 27th – March 2nd, 2017. 


Written by Peer Educator: Becca Remillard


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