Midterm Madness got you Anxious and Stressed?


Good Stress versus Bad Stress. Yes, there IS such a thing as a bit of good stress. You know the type that motivates you to go the extra mile, push yourself a bit harder and that anxious butterfly feeling in your stomach on a first date. Those are okay for you and your body.  And lets face it; we can’t avoid stress even if we tried. So lets look at ways we can help alleviate the added anxiety and stress you may be feeling right about now over your upcoming midterms.

DESTRESS is better that DISTRESS

D = Diet and Nutrition – eat a well balanced diet

E = Exercise- get outside and go for a hike or walk, hit the gym for yoga or a class

S = Sleep- make sure you are getting enough of it

T = Time Management- procrastination can add stress -manage time wisely

R = Relax – a great relaxation technique is practicing mindfulness and breath work

E = Express Gratitude – boosts feelings of joy and happiness

S = Social Connections – stay connected to others – isolation can increase worry

S = Self Esteem, Compassion and Care- be kind to yourself and others

As mentioned above, mindfulness and breath work can help relax you. Mindfulness can help decrease stress and anxiety levels and aid in overall emotional wellbeing.

Tips for practicing mindfulness:

  •  Focus on your breath. This can be done at anytime and anywhere.
  •  Follow this rule: Inhale 4, Hold 7, Exhale 8.
  •  Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth.  Take a moment to bring  attention to slowly chewing your food.
  • Practice mindfulness meditation. This can be done sitting or lying down, or even walking.
  • Again focus on your breath- if thoughts enter your mind, acknowledge them and refocus on your breath. It’s okay- be kind to yourself.


Two more tips for managing midterm anxiety and stress:

HEARTMATH- Unwind by plugging into a HEARTMATH program. These aid in personal development and improved mental, emotional and physical health. And lastly, smile more.  Smiling lowers stress hormones, adds joy, improve’s your mood and eases anxiety and fears.

Now take a deep breath, focus and go tackle those midterms, you’ve got this.

Written By:  Deb Schork ~ HOPE & Wellness Center Intern 2017



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