May Days Focusing on Mental Health and Stress Management

With the school year winding down, many of us are stressed on a wide range of topics. Finals, graduation, job prospect, moving, relationships, and our over- all well-being. May is Mental Health Awareness Month. This article provides tools for stress management along with mental health promotion and SHCS activities that you can participate in that can help.

 Keep Your Balance and Stress in Check

We all try to balance everything at once and in equal proportions. Well, that isn’t necessary; in fact, balance is a constant process of distribution of what matters. Some areas will need more attention then other, the keys is to be sure to take steps with each area and not try to do it all at once, get overwhelmed and crawl into a dark hole somewhere to shut out the world.

Here are some tips for balancing and reducing stress:


National Prevention Week 2017 is themed “Making Each Day Count”.  Realizing the importance of seeking and helping others in our campus community to live healthy and productive lives by raising awareness of substance abuse and promoting positive mental health (SAMHSA.GOV).

What do you do to make each day count?

One way is the “I Choose” Project. SHCS will present an activity at the Mental Health Fair on May 11 where students can take a photo with a sign that says

“I Choose…” with their personal choice of prevention. The act of writing this down not only advocates for mental health, but also builds strength and creates a connection to community by resolving to stand up to mental health stigmas.


Additional Information on Mental Health Advocacy:

Each Mind Matters – a statewide campaign improving mental health outcomes in communities.  Join SHCS and Active Minds @CSUSM during our Mental Health Fair and Stress Less Relaxation Stations on May 11th from 11:00am-1:00pm at Kellogg Plaza (

It’s Up to Us– a local campaign talking openly about mental illness with symptom recognition and resources. 1 in 5 college students will experience a mental health condition – it’s important to seek the help needed to improve mental and emotional wellness (It’s Up to US).  Join us for the Voices of Hope Lunch and Learn, May 4, 11:00am-1:00pm at SHCS H.O.P.E. and Wellness Center, and listen to CSUSM students with lived experiences share their stories and personal journeys to health, healing and hope.   Please RSVP to Cheryl Berry, for lunch.

B4Stage4: Risky Business– Change the way you think about mental health, be informed, get screened and get help ( Together let ‘s break the stigma, seek the help when needed and achieve overall emotional and mental well-being.

Written by: Deb Schork ~ 2017 HOPE & Wellness Center Intern


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