RADD Designated Driver Program

RADD is the entertainment industry’s voice for road safety. The goal of RADD is to reduce deaths and injuries across all age groups by increasing road safety awareness and promoting sober driving.
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10 Tips for Safer & Smarter Sex:

10 simple tips to do and think about before having sex:

1.)  Talk smart sex first. Have smart sex later. It’s imporant to openly discuss sex and birth control with your partner before having sex so that both of you know what to expect.

2.)  Don’t feel pressured to have sex. If you are not ready to have sex, be honest and discuss the reasons for your decision with your partner.

3.)  Don’t abuse alcohol/use drugs if you think things could get physical. Drug or alcohol use interferes with decision-making which could lead to date rape, forgetting to use birth control or getting a sexually transmitted infection.

4.)  Two are better than one. You should correctly and consisitently use a birth control method to prevent pregnancy (like the Pill, contraceptive injection or diaphragm) in addition to a condom to prevent STIs.

5.)  Use the buddy system. When going to a party, go with friends and keep an eye out for each other.

6.)  Remember that “no” means NO and passed out doesn’t mean YES. If you are too drunk to understand a person saying “no” or if you have sex with someone who is incapable of giving consent,  it can be considered rape.

7.)  Respect everyone’s right to make his/her own personal decision – including yourself. Everyone has the right to decide when and how they have sex, whether it’s the first time or not.

8.)  Be prepared for a sex emergency. Men and women should be equally responsible for preventing pregnancy and STIs. Both should carry condoms (two in case one breaks or tears) and women should know about emergency contraception (EC).

9.)  The best protection doesn’t mean less affection. Abstinence is the most effective way to protect against STIs and prevent pregancy. It doesn’t mean you can’t be intimate – just be aware that alternatives, like oral sex, have their own risks.

10.) Make sexual health a priority. Both men and women should get regular check-ups to make sure they are sexually healthy.

For more sexual health information, visit SmarterSex.org

Ask The SEXperts

What is Sexuality?

Have you discovered your sexuality?

Join Student Health & Counseling Services along with Rodger D’Andreas from the LGBTQ Pride Center in a discussion on LGBTQ and Male/Female Sexuality for …


When:   Tuesday, October 21st from 12:00 to 1:00pm

WhereUniversity Hall 337 (free food)

Next Series:  November 18th, Ask The SEXperts: BedBugs

Breast Cancer & Health Awareness Day

Breast Cancer and Health Awarness Day fair was held on Library Plaza to promote health and in particular breast cancer. We had over 125 people visited our booth within two hours. We passed out mini-breast cancer awareness kits and have a great time educating students on being proactive about self-breast exams.

Peer Educators Needed

  Do you want to be a PEAS?


Peer Educators
Peer Educators and Support (PEAS) are a group of trained students committed to promoting awareness and advocating health and wellness related issues to the Cal State San Marcos community. http://www.csusm.edu/shcs/NEWSHCS/Healtheducation/peas.htm

What PEAS Do:
 PEAS provide up-to-date information about health related issues through various programs, workshops, events and presentations, and refer students to appropriate offices and resources on campus as needed.

 PEAS organize campus health awareness weeks & outreach:
World AIDS Day
Safer Spring Break
Sexual Responsibility Week
Great American Smoke-Out and more…

 PEAS serve as student health resource. They act as mentors, leaders, helpers and educators on campus.

 PEAS network with other student organizations/clubs, with other peers, and other peer educators nationally and locally. PEAS have lots of FUN!

 PEAS can attend a certified training program for a semester along with bi-weekly meetings.

For More information email us: peas@csusm.edu or contact Cathy Nguyen, Health Educator & Advisor for the Certified Training component at 750-4917

Take Back the Night

SHCS and the ASI Women’s Center sponsored the 2nd Annual Take Back the Night commemoration on Tuesday, April 8th from 6-8pm. This was an educational and empowerment event in support and solidarity of survivors of sexual assault. The event will take place in Forum Plaza (next to the library). There was information, activism opportunities, educational materials, and an empowerment walk through the community.