SHCS Services

Most medical services offered at Student Health & Counseling Services are covered by your pre-paid student health fee of $70 per semester for student health fees. Visits require no co-payments once you come in. Office visits are FREE to currently enrolled CSUSM students. Basic services include:

Colds Headache Sore throat
Flu Abdominal Pain Asthma
Cuts & bruises Upper Respiratory Infections Physical exams
Pregnancy testing Annual pelvic exams Blood pressure Screening
GYN Orientations Breast Exams Cryotherapy
Biopsy Ear Lavage Immunizations
Bladder Infections Minor surgery And much more!

Appointments can also be scheduled with a health educator to discuss family planning and birth control options, nutrition counseling, and other concerns.

We strongly recommend that you call first to schedule an appointment, just as you would with your family doctor. This allows us to be more informal about your concerns, and can help ensure that you see the appropriate professional.

If a more urgent situation arises (sudden onset of a medical problem, injury, etc.), and we are unavailable, please go to the nearest emergency room or urgent care.