Let’s DE – STRESS before we get STRESSED

Yoga dates back to 3000 B.C., with focus on applying and understanding your place in the world and how to live harmoniously with others in it.   But between 12 units, working part time and trying to find parking at CSUSM, who has the time to breathe and de – stress!? Well, what most students don’t know is that Breathing and taking the time to de – stress is one of the most important steps into succeeding academically. One of the easiest ways to de – stress is to do Yoga. Yoga is a great way to connect the body, mind and spirit, begin a healthy life-style and promote a good sense of well being. A study done in 2012 by the Indian Journal of Community Medicine, states that “Yoga, especially breathing techniques, can also increase concentration and academic performance in students struggling academically”.

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Benefits of Physical Activity and Exercise

ImageHey Cougars! With Spring Break just around the corner and students prepping for midterms, Summer is steadfast on its way for some rays and Vitamin D. During this time many college students plan ahead to get back into shape and lose all that holiday weight. Although it is a good thought to be concerned about appeal and presentation, are you aware of the benefits of physical activity and exercise? If not, sit tight, listen, and turn in those thoughts about 6-packs and muscular biceps, and learn more about the positive health effects about staying active. Continue reading

10 Tips for Looking Sexy and Healthy all Year!

It’s that time of season again…yes summer is here! Many of us are trying to eat healthy, exercise and most importantly feel good about ourselves so we can hit the beach or the pool. Here are some tips to help you looking good and feeling great about yourself all year long!
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