Classy Cougars Party Safely

Hello Cal State San Marcos Cougars. Spring Break is a great time to take a break from the books and have some fun. Whether it is a wild trip to Cabo San Lucas or going back home to spend time with the family, I have a great spring break tip sheet to take into consideration.


Going on a road trip?

  • What to Bring: Valid Driver’s License, Proof of Insurance, Snacks, and Beverages
  • Take turns behind the wheel: Have a rotating driver who is able to ensure that whoever is behind the wheel is well rested. Note, the music will change because the driver gets to be DJ, unless appointed to the shotgun passenger.
  • Role of the shotgun rider: To be the wing(wo)man to the driver and help with any navigation decisions.
  • Take a Map: I know we are in a generation where our smart phones can solve all of our greatest problems in life, but if our service lets us down, then we have the “old school” way of finding our destination.
  • Piece of Advise: Always lock your vehicle. Never leave valuables in plain sight, lock them in the trunk.

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Welcome to Fall 2014 Semester Cougars!

cougarpawWelcome back to school Cougars! For those new students, you are about to be in for a big journey. As many of you will soon see, I’m sure, college isn’t just about studying and school work. It is also about having fun, making friends, cutting loose, and creating memories that will last a lifetime. It is important therefore to ensure that your college experience does not end in  disaster.

Alcohol is a very common thing to see at college parties and in college life in general,. Used in moderation and in smart ways, can really be fun and safe. However, used irresponsibly, it is also responsible for around 1,825 deaths of college students from ages 18-24 per year. As well as around 600,000 reported cases of Assault and Injury. Close to 100,000 students ages 18-24 report being victims of alcohol-related sexual assault or rape. All these as well as increased chances of academic problems and health problems/suicide attempts are simply due to alcohol abuse.
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YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!! Use your voice, make your choice to prevent drug abuse and excessive alcohol use and promote mental and emotional well-being.


With every healthy choice you make, YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!  Prevention of substance abuse and promotion of mental health starts with the choices that each of us makes in our own life.  Through your personal healthy choices, you can set an example of health and wellness for other students. Your healthy behaviors help to prevent drug abuse and excessive alcohol use and promote mental and emotional well-being for those around you. Continue reading

I don’t let my friends drive drunk…

Do You? With Summer just around the corner and finals coming to a close, students often find pleasurable ways to commemorate another semester accomplished and a job well done. Students at the ages of 21 or older tend to celebrate with the consumption of alcohol. Being able to enjoy a few drinks with friends is a privilege, and as such, it should be stressed that with this privilege comes a great amount of responsibility as well. Continue reading

RADD Designated Driver Program

RADD is the entertainment industry’s voice for road safety. The goal of RADD is to reduce deaths and injuries across all age groups by increasing road safety awareness and promoting sober driving.
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